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Providing a Lifeline for Thousands of Refugees

Our team is a two-hour drive from the worst affected areas of the twin earthquakes. We have been working with refugees on the Turkish Syrian border for the past ten years. We appreciate any help you can give to support our projects for those in dire need in these areas.


Safe Haven for Refugees is an US public charity and consists of a group of concerned individuals who have come together to provide lifelines and support for the most desperate cases of refugee families in southern Turkey - especially widows and orphans. We focus on immediate aid to rescue these most vulnerable families by providing finances for one year’s rent of safe housing and regular food assistance, followed by guidance towards attaining stability and self-sufficiency. We understand that life-changing financial assistance for desperate refugee situations is not huge, and actually within our capabilities.

We post refular updates on our Facebook Page.

Refugee Programs


Immediate Aid for Refugees

Since 2012, distribution of food boxes, clothes, educational supplies and other items are done on a regular basis. Presently (2022) we donate 100+ large food boxes each month to Syrian widows and needy families. 

Scholarships for refugee children.jpg

Refugee  Scholarships

Without outside assistance, many refugee children will grow up not being able to read and write, and thus be greatly hindered for life. Presently, 65 students receive partial scholarships, thus preventing early marriage for many young teen refugee girls.  

Homes for the homeless

Refugee Housing: Homes for the Homeless

Connecting those in dire need with concerned individuals to provide assistance and housing.


Medical Homes: Housing for Cancer Patients

Safe Haven for Refugees manages four homes for refugee children with cancer and their caretakers who accompany the child to Turkiye. These homes also provide temporary shelter for Syrian refugees undergoing medical treatment.

Latest News | Helping Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Our Creed


We stand with refugees, those who have been despised and denied of their dignity.


We stand with those who are too often considered the offscouring of the earth. We will change perceptions so that society no longer discards people as useless.


We provide refugees the “Safe Haven” that their world seems intent on denying them.

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."

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