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Scholarship Fund

Children as young as six or seven often work for a couple of dollars a day, so that they and their families can eat. They work in factories, garages and elsewhere to help their families to survive. Without outside assistance, many refugee children will grow up unable to even read or write, and thus be greatly hindered for life.  

A scholarship for a refugee child replaces the income they would have earned, and allows them to go to school and to be a kid again. The program is regularly monitored to ensure that the children are keeping up with attendance and homework. Our scholarship recipients generally work hard and become excellent students.

As of September 2023, 80 students receive monthly educational aid. 

Scholarship Fund Photo Gallery

Providing scholarships, donating books and setting up Safe Haven Educational Playrooms.

What You Can Do
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Sponsor a refugee child's education


Donate Educational Needs to a Child


Set up a
Safe Haven Educational Playroom

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