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Fun Days

The wounds of war are not confined to the battlefield. Children continue to experience trauma long after the horrors they may have seen, the loss of someone near to them, or the sudden resettlement in a foreign land, living in depressing conditions.

Children ages 6-11 are three times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than adolescents, being at an earlier stage of development. The constant exposure to physical and emotional danger takes a high toll on refugee children’s psychological development.

Many refugee children have had little opportunity for play. Research shows that having fun can help children overcome trauma and regain their emotional balance. Creative activities such as games, art, music and outings in nature have special relevance for all children who suffer trauma.

With your help, our volunteers are able to organize regular fun days for refugee children.

Fun Days Photo Gallery

Having fun with refugee children at the park, at the game arcade and at home.

What You Can Do

Sponsor A Fun Day


Donate Toys to a Child


Donate a Bike

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