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Medical Homes

In 2018, together with a Turkish Charity "Anything for A Smile," we opened two homes for Syrian refugees with urgent medical situations. Adana has a new hospital that provides service for 16,000 patients per day. Urgent cases from Syria are immediately sent here. With the nature of their condition some need to visit the hospital daily. 

We have found mothers, fathers, even grandmothers with a child sleeping on the streets or in a park near the hospital where their child was receiving daily treatment. The patient and the accompanying person often don't have the finances to pay for hotels or any accommodation whilst their loved ones are being treated in hospital. With our medical homes, many refugees now have a roof over their heads and free utilities. 

Just one bus stop from this hospital is where our medical homes are located. We now have 3 medical homes and can host up to 50 medical cases and their caretakers in these homes.

We put great effort into making these homes child-friendly so the children can have a better healing experience. Many of our residents live in tent cities in Syria and travel to Turkey for medical care.

Medical Homes Photo Gallery

Meeting the needs of refugees with medical issues.

What You Can Do

Provide Food, Toiletries etc.


Donate Your Medical Skills


Donate Toys, Books etc.

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