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Immediate Aid for Syrian Refugees

Dear Friends,

Hi! We hope this note finds you well and that you can find peace in the midst of the coronavirus tempest that is sweeping the world.

We are continuing to send aid to both sides of the Turkish Syrian border. In the past months, nearly one million people were running for their lives in the Idlib region, with children and babies freezing to death as they were sleeping in flimsy tents and out in the open.

Thankfully, the war has temporarily settled down, the weather is now a bit warmer, but now with the coronavirus, things will be very difficult in the cramped tent cities.

In the past month, we have sent over 100 food boxed and wood bundles to refugees in tents. We would like to do more and have started an online fundraising campaign which we invite you to participate in. You can donate by navigagting to our home page or at the following link:

As we are all busy preparing for ourselves and our loved ones in the current world crisis, please consider helping those less fortunate. For a gift of $20, you can keep a family fed for two weeks with a bountiful food box. We know it is difficult at the moment to think of others with the corona crisis, but giving has its own reward and research has found those who practice kindness to others have better immune systems than those who focus only on themselves! Thanks always,


Safe Haven for Refugees

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