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Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey urgently need a table top stove, cupboards and other household ite

Syrian Refugees in Turkey struggle to make ends meet!

Update October 20th: This family received the needed help and are doing fine! Thanks to those who donated!

Last week we visited Daena, the teen mother who could not even afford diapers for her newborn. (Daena’s baby is pictured with her young aunts and uncles in the photo below. Her husband is in detention, waiting to be sent back to Syria)

She stays with her sister. Their house has bare stone floors, paint peeling off the dilapidated walls, dark, dingy kitchen etc. Outside of the kitchen, there is not one cupboard. They cook their meals on an one burner stove.Like many Syrian refugees in Turkey, they are struggling to make ends meet.

Daena's sister has seven children and is pregnant with number eight. The father works as a tailor for a meager salary and earns only enough to feed his family.

If you would like to help with a stove, cupboards, household items or a donation, please send us a personal message! Thanks in advance for your care.

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