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Urgent Need for Talal's Family in Syria

Update, November 2019: Talal's family safely arrived in Turkey, and now are working on moving his brothers to Europe to receive the medical attention that they require.

Longtime volunteer Talal’s family, who are living in Damascus, need our help. Specifically, we are asking for aid to pay for their family visa for Turkey and secondly, for moving funds for the family to relocate here as soon as possible!

Talal’s two younger twin brothers, age 15, have been diagnosed with Kearns-Sayre Syndrome, a slowly progressive neuromuscular disorder that reduces life expectancy. There is no quality treatment available in Syria at this time for this disorder and we have to find a way to move his family out of Syria and into a country where his brothers can be treated. The eight years of war has taken a great toll on his family. His parents do not have the physical strength to continue to care for their twin sons as both the parents, due to age and the civil war conditions in Syria, are also suffering from deteriorating physical conditions.

Talal has given so much of his life over the past four years to help others, several times risking his life to bring aid to refugees. He often says that when he hugs the refugee children, he feels that he is hugging his little brothers, whom he hasn’t seen in six years. The widows we help are just so thankful for him and the father figure that he is to so many of the refugee children.

The projected cost to move his family of five (mother, father, twin brothers and sister) is $2500. Once in Turkey, we will work with our local sponsors to set them up in a house and begin the work of moving them to the West to get the full treatment the twin boys need. Doctor friends are already giving us valuable advice on where the twins can be treated.

Tx again for your help in advance!

Gifts can be sent to our paypal account at:

or on the support page.

We can send you copies of the medical reports if needed. Thank You!

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