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A Home for Hiba

Hiba from Aleppo, is an innocent victim of indiscriminate air bombing. At the age of 2 and a half, asleep in her bed, a bomb hit, taking out most of the house including part of her bedroom. Hiba luckily escaped with her life but was and still is severely injured. When we met Hiba and her family (which consists of 2 grandparents, mother, father and 2 siblings), they were living in a one room house overlooking the rail tracks in the slums. They used their suitcases at night to form dividers between the beds. The literally had nothing.

Since coming to Adana, Hiba has had a total of 9 operations, with more to come. When she first came, she barely spoke a word, though now she speaks a lot more! Due to your kind help, we were able to move Hiba and her family to an inexpensive apartment close to the university hospital where she is receiving treatment. A kind man leaving Adana sold them nearly every piece of household equipment he had for only 200 pounds, so now they are very well set up. As with all the cases of Syrian refugees that we take on, we are offering them guidance on how to be at least somewhat self-sustainable in 2018. Being in a new house for 2017, where they have room to think and function properly, we do hope this will be a big step in rebuilding their broken lives.

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