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A new house for a Syrian Widow!

We met Iman, a widow with three children plus an adopted child, last September 2016. This is typical of quite of few Syrian widows we have met, though they struggle, they find the courage and strength to adopt an orphan who needs help, even though they have next to nothing. It was difficult to enter her dark basement room flat due to the heavy odor of mildew and mold. At the time we met her, she was travelling between Antakya and Adana seeking treatment for her youngest son, Mahmut, who has cancer in his mouth. Upon her return to Adana in early October, she was evicted from her flat. We lost touch with her as she had no phone, and she spent the next few months travelling between Adana and Antakya, staying in relative’s houses. We recently regained contact with her, and UK Refugee Support and other friends from abroad kindly provided her with a year’s rent for a new house. We found a nice two bedroom house with a garden in an inexpensive area of town. Other friends donated most all of her furniture needs. She is now able to start a new life, and we are working out ways to see how she can maintain herself for the coming year. At present, one of her son does menial jobs that cover their basic minimal needs. Please keep dear six year old Mahmut in your prayers and thoughts. He has surgery on the cancer in his mouth every two months as his little body cannot accept the chemical treatment.

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