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Uganda is home to some of the largest refugee populations in the world. The border area of northern Uganda and South Sudan has been a region of non-stop conflict for more than 30 years, from the child soldiers of Joseph Kony to the independence struggle in South Sudan and tribal clashes that have displaced thousands. 

In 2016, Anything for a Smile began our yearly trips to Africa with the invitation to hold a medical camp for on the Uganda-South Sudan border, where most of the population lacks access to basic medical care. Our medical team attended to hundreds of patients over the course of a few days. We've continued to send yearly aid to the impovershed refugees and orphans in this area. 

During Ramadan 2020, Anything for a Smile donated a calf and goats to the Bugaya Orphanage Care in Eastern Uganda, along with 40 food boxes and financial aid for refugees there from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

In 2021, we will work to expand and mobilize more aid for the desperate and seemingly forgotten refugee population in Uganda. 

Medical Homes Photo Gallery

Meeting the needs of refugees with medical issues.

What You Can Do

Provide Food, Toiletries etc.


Donate Your Medical Skills


Donate Toys, Books etc.

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